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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Unfortunatly: Will not be Available until Saturday

I am sorry my health nuts but I will be unavailable until Saturday as I am taking a small time off to enjoy myself at lake Ontario.  Tomorrow before I leave I will update the last week diet tips hopefully helping you guys furthermore.  I am excited for my trip so wish me a tub of fun!!!  Also as always GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Garlic: A food or A Cure?

Garlic is a type of seasoning that has been used in many different dishes throughout the years as it has a desired and a unique taste.  A friend has tweeted about its benefits and this lead me further to look into this common grocery store product.  If you guys are interested in an awesome read do check out this website >>>,,20343280,00.html 

Retrieved from:
Ok now on to the juicy parts!!!

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size  1 tsp or 2.8g
Calories 4
Potassium 11mg
Total Carbohydrate .9g
Dietary fiber .1g
Protein .2g
Vitamin C 1%

However aside from the listed nutrition information, we do not really look into garlic any further.  Even though this information does not really affect anyone as people don't eat a lot of garlic due to hygienic reasons and maybe an upset stomach.

So the Benefits???

  • Clear up UTI
    • UTI - Urinary Tract Infections
    • This is done by EATING garlic so please do not get creative with the seasoning.
  • Cancer Fighting Seasoning
    • According to the reading, garlic when crushed should be allowed to sit for 10 minutes before doing any heating/cooking activity.  Through this it is allowed to retain a lot more of its cancer fighting nutrients.
  • Itchy Feet Cure
    • This one was amazing to read as a lot of people do have itchy feet.  The way this is done is to boil a couple cloves of garlic in water.  Obviously do not stick your feet right in and let the water cool until it is a comfortable temperature for you.  With this technique they say you can cure itchy feet, so anyone with any sort of athletes feet do enjoy!!!
  • Cold Fighting Agent
    • The way you can go about with this is to microwave around 2 cloves for around 25-30 seconds.  Once cooled, eat it!
Anything to make sure you my lovely's are healthy!!! Good Read!!1



Hey guys I would like to notify you all that we now have the .com only setting so no more typing in the entire are now  or without the www it really doesn't matter.  I have wanted this for a while and am happy that this convenience can be served to all you guys.  Hope this makes life just a little bit more easier =)

Find us by typing in the search bar either by:

All three will work which just makes me happy.  If any bloggers, or anyone for that matter, out there are interested in a custom domain for their website comment or email me and I will help you with figuring out the steps that I have taken =)...Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vessyl: The Smart Cup

This cup is an extreme breakthrough as it pertains to technology.  I am amazed that such a device actually exists and just goes to show the possibilities in the near future.  I am excited to bring you the Vessyl Smart Cup which calculates the amount of calories in a given drink that is poured into it.  The cup can also calculate things such as caffeine in a given amount of coffee.  The cup is so sensitive that it can identify the difference between two different Gatorade drinks, Gatorade Cool Blue and Glacier Freeze, showing for future promise within the technological realm.  The cup can even sync with a fitness tracker to track all your fluid intake.  Those who are die hard dieters will love such a device. >>>

Retrieved from:

Such a device however is not cheap as you all probably guessed.  This cup goes for around anywhere from $99 - $199.  Now if you ask me that is a bit excessive to pay for a cup but the quality is astounding.  It has a nice design with a  lid that is spill-proof and the inside of the cup is non-stick, believe me this is one of my favorite parts, and finally it is made to withstand different temperatures such as hot and cold beverages (also freezer).  Overall if you have the money, I will tell you to go for it and enjoy such a sleek piece of technology.  If you are less fortunate however just enjoy the read and count your calories the way I do, lol, the old fashion way. >>>



A New Day: Look into the Future

Hey guys its a new day and I am happy to announce that our next blog will have a technology kind of spin to it.  I loved reading of this product and am happy to tell you guys that we I will be writing about it.  Also today I hope to finish the entire weeks worth of diet tips for those who are keeping up and enjoying easy quick tips.  Good Luck and God Bless!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Post: Coming Soon!!!

Hey guys I am writing this to say that we will have a new interesting post coming soon that will be very interesting to read atleast I found it exceptionally interesting to read.  Also I am giving consideration on the next topic to be for a new tab on a wellness condition.  I am excited to bring you guys this news but for now enjoy the content we have provided so far =)...Good Night!!!

Twitter: The time is now!

We finally have that twitter site that I have mentioned earlier.  I am excited to ask you guys to follow us at @osswn  to keep up with awesome information and news.  It will be a little more work my way to keep up with such material but hopefully I can handle it.  I enjoyed looking at how twitter works as I found some awesome information for the next few posts...No Joke this stuff will Rock Your Socks!!!!  Thank You and Don't forget ....FOLLOW US AT @OSSWN