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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Ideal Future Home

What would your dream home look like?
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Hey Guys,

Sorry that it has taken me so long to post something but I have just been busy.  Anyways, I was thinking about someone's ideal future home.  I know that everyone has thought about it at least once and I bet everyone's is extremely different.

When I think of a future home I have to take a few things into consideration.  I personally do not care if the home is big or small as more of where it is going to be located and its surroundings. 

So the first most important task of my future home is that I want it to be located in the city and again not so much stress on what city exactly, however, I would prefer the southern cities as I am not a big fan of the cold.  Even though my home would need to be in a city (here comes the kicker), I want my home to have a lake in its backyard.  I know that is probably very close to impossible but I enjoy fishing (catch and release ONLY!)  and I feel I would always have something to do.  Even if that part of my dream house was possible, I believe the asking price would be ridiculously out of my range.  Just to make things a lot tougher and way more expensive, I would also want a nice amount of land for a backyard but not too much.  I think an acre would be plenty and if I could get even more than that would be awesome!

I have looked at homes before and it seems you either get one option or the other unless you are extremely rich and that I am not.  I feel that it is kind of sad that those are the only three stipulations I have in a possible future home and even though it is three things, the challenge in finding this unicorn of a house is going to be extremely tough.

I wonder what others out there really look for in a house and have the stipulations changed over the years.  I know exactly what I want in my home and I have always wanted it, ever since I could remember.  So please share what your ideal home would have.



Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Power of the Mind

What part of your mind do you use the most?
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Hey Guys,

Ok, so this is a tiny bit of an embarrassing conversation piece but I can't be the only one who does this, or am I?  I spend a lot of my time just think about life but when I am not thinking about life, I am in some way doing a form of daydreaming.  I say a form of day dreaming since this is not really happening when I am sitting around but more so when I go for a walk and kind of create a story in my mind with its own plot and characters (of course me being one) and twists.  I do this so often that at times I wonder if in my past life I was an author or some kind of short story writer.  These stories tend to reflect my mood and what I am feeling at that time.

There are times where I create stories that are normal and not quite embarrassing but other times, I don't even think I would be comfortable sharing.  I believe I have literally thought of every possible scenario to place my self in and some might even be movies I would go see.  Has anyone ever pondered about them with a special power and obviously in your story, you have the most powerful ability of all. Other times, I think about the most perfect life where money is no factor and that is all I am willing to say about that.

I was talking to a friend who told me of a story where he actually did something very similar and I could not help but to laugh while at the same time, I do the same exact thing.  His story was really funny, however, it is not mine to share so you guys will not hear about it.  I wish I was able to share such embarrassing moments like my friend, however, I have something in my brain that tells me to stop at every cost.  I even cringed a little when I decided to write a post like this for your guys entertainment.

I love the picture that I came across that matches this situation perfectly.  Have you ever wondered what part of the brain you use the most.  I have wondered about this and even though I am all science and know I use my left brain a lot more, I also tend to use the right part excessively.  The only way I know that I am not right brain dominant is that I have no creative talent at all.  I don't think I can even draw stick figures without messing up.

So please comment if you do this and maybe share a story even though it is probably embarrassing.  I would love to hear about anything like that as these stories tend to be entertaining to the maximum.



Saturday, January 24, 2015

Near Death Experience

How do you think you are going to die?
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Hey Guys,

Last Night I was taking a walk to clear my mind and while crossing from one sidewalk to the next, I almost got hit by a car.  That's right I almost died and I really haven't even had a chance to live my life yet.  I always thought in a situation such as this, I would have enough time to react or would go down swinging, however, the only word I could muster up was "emh" ( in like a whimpering way).  The car swerved off and the driver apologized for almost ending my days and I wasn't even mad at least not at the driver.  I was more disappointed in myself for not being able to maybe come up with a different phrase before I die.

I could only think that if that was the way I was going to leave this wonderful planet, I chose the worst possible last word "emh!!!"  I am sure others would go out with a bang but not stupid old me who decided for a situation like this, that was the most appropriate word of choice. 

I know call me crazy but getting almost hit by a car was pretty eventful to me as the rest of the day I slept and did nothing.

So now I wonder did any of you guys have any near death experiences because I would really love to hear about them.  So comment down below!



Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Being Blind vs Deaf

If you had to select one, Which would you choose?

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Hey Guys,

I was talking to my friends about this topic since it's an interesting conversation piece.  Have you ever wondered about a situation in which you had to be either deaf or blind, which would you pick?  Hopefully you will never have to choose as both options are unfortunate.

I offered all my friends this question and the answers seemed to shock me as my outlook was completely different.  All of them would much rather see and lose their sense of hearing.  I of course chose being blind!

Their reasoning was that even though they could not hear that they would be able to communicate in todays society through multiple other ways.  I could see what they meant and how smart that was. I guess being deaf does not necessarily cripple you to the same extent blindness may.

In my opinion being blind would just hurt my mobilization but aside from that I do not feel that I would need my vision.  I feel that without the sense of hearing, I would go crazy in my own head as it would be just utter and complete silence and I tend to be more of a social animal.  I would love to be able to hear my loved ones and friends voices instead of just reading what they are trying to communicate.  Sure people would argue the same about seeing your loved ones but I feel the sense of sight, aside from moving around, is normally used to judge someone on the outside rather than seeing their inner truth.

How crazy would it be if you could avoid visual criticism.  I believe that everyone would be living in a friendlier place if everyone was able to actually give someone a chance without avoiding them due to differences.

Thanks for listening to my rant and please comment on what you would pick and why?



Who Would Help?

Hey Guys,

I had a pretty eventful day today regardless of waking up at like 3pm.  I really did not expect too much to happen but the best part, I was able to help someone.  I help when I can but the opportunity does not normally come my way that often.

So let me jump into it - I went to get food and met this Hispanic lady.  She approached me and asked if I speak Spanish and I told her I do not.  That did not matter since she spoke English decently well.  She had a problem with her car because she left her lights on while on the phone and her battery died.  I offered my help to jump her car but there was one problem...I have no clue how to jump start a car.  Thank God she knew what she was doing because all I could offer was my vehicle. 

We got to talking about how embarrassed I was since I felt as a guy I should know how to do this one simple task.  She told me that not everyone has to be good at car stuff and it doesn't matter what gender you are.  I was amazed that she had such an awesome outlook on the gender roles that I felt were placed upon us by society.  So she did everything, including opening my hood (the most embarrassing part of owning a car is not knowing how to open its essentials), and her car started. 

I know this rant probably does not have much of a meaning but I felt like it was important I included it.  This was a learning experience for me and even though she does not know that she helped me somehow, I would still like to say thank you to whoever you were.

So I guess the meaning is that if you have the opportunity to help someone no matter how embarrassing it may be then you should take it.  This lady along with teaching me about how to complete such a simple task also offered me a day full of feeling good about my actions.



Being Different - A Bad Situation?

Hey Guys,

So this past weekend me and a couple friends went out to a club.  One of my friends was dancing and it was extremely different from the accepted norm of dancing.  I know that it was bad but I could not stop laughing and so he asked me if I was laughing because his dancing was bad.  You could almost tell he started feeling a little embarrassed and my response was - "No, your dance is not horrible, however, it is different."

So this brings me to todays topic because even though I did not say that his dancing was bad he mistook my answer of "different" as to be implying that his dancing was bad.  The thing is that yes, we tend to assume that being different or doing something different can be constituted as a bad thing as to go against conformity. 

I had to take my friend aside and explain that his dancing, although being different, was not bad.  I don't know if you guys understand the difference but think of it this way. If you are doing something, wearing something different or just are different  and it has no affect on my life at all then it is not my place to judge.  I could not say my friends dancing was bad because in reality his dancing did not affect my life and if I did not enjoy it then I did not have to look at it.  That goes for all the other things such as dressing different.  I know a lot of people get judged for what they wear or how they do their hair or whatever it may be but think of it this way, if your life is unaffected then who are you to judge someone else.

This brings me to the next string about judgment.  I feel that people who truly judge others tend to think they are better than everyone who they are placing judgment on and in turn making themselves feel better about themselves.  I for one can appreciate anyone's sense of fashion or difference in general.  I believe that there is always room to grow as a human being and it always starts with keeping an open mind about others differences as to learn from others.  Think for example like the dance called the Bernie, It is extremely different with a person looking up at the sky and their hands behind their back and starting to gyrate.  I am unsure if gyrate is the word but it makes sense to me, however, for future reference go look it up since its interesting.  So this dance being different does not mean anything to me as at get together me and my friends have done this dance plenty of times in the past.   If you think about it, it always takes someone brave enough to face the social norms in order to make something "the new thing."

I am sorry for this extra long rant but I felt like it was a good conversation piece and would like to know your feedback.  I feel that if you are someone who is constantly facing judgmental people or friends then you just need to find others who will accept you for just being you.  Anyways be sure to leave your comments as to what you think or a situation that occurred to you guys along these lines.  Also if you like the material then be sure to subscribe and check it out daily for new content.



Monday, January 19, 2015

White Privilege, A Personal Attack!!!

Hey guys!

So the other day I was thinking about an interesting topic - "white privilege".  I know it comes off horrible since I am a white male but I could not help to think about the time I had a conversation with a friend about it.  However, it feels like a good conversation piece since it is MLK day.  So we figure that exists and we are all guilty of doing it.  We have moved far throughout the years to keep this particular topic from becoming an issue but it still exists.  Just to clarify this topic is not about racism in general so don't let your minds wonder to far.

I will give you an example from my life about "White Privilege."  I have a friend who is of Punjabi nationality, however she was born here in the United States.  I on the other hand was born in Russia.  She has darker skin than me and not by a lot as Punjabi people tend to be a lot lighter skinned since they are more up north.  Anyways we talked about this topic and realized that whenever someone would ask me the magical question of "Hey, where are you from?", they almost always implied it to mean somewhere within the United States since when I replied they would be shocked that there are white people outside of this country.  Now you would probably be like wouldn't they tell by your accent and the answer is no since I came to the states at a young age and managed to lose my accent but I do have a crazy big head that kinda gives it away but most cant tell.  Anyways whenever that same exact question comes up for her, it almost never means about her previous residence in the states but is directed towards one of the countries around the world.  Of course you see this particular topic and your mind probably never really wonders about the little things of it as such a simple question can have such a powerful meaning but then again why would something like that almost never offend us?

Most of us try to pretend that we are not guilty of falling into this whole white privilege loop but when in turn we really are all guilty of doing it.  Also note just because the term is coined white privilege it doesn't necessarily mean that other nationality's are not guilty of doing it.  In my story that I mentioned, I had this assumption placed on me by many different people.  Remember that this is just one example and there are plenty of other ways one can express white privilege.

I hope this was a good read and that I entertained you with my crazy thoughts.  If you liked it be sure that you follow via email or some other way as I will be rambling on about other stuff.  Also if anyone ever reads this think of this topic and please give me a time where something like this happened to you, it could also have been something that went against you.  I would also love any interesting material or reads on this topic in general.